An Infographic I made detailing some of the most cancerogenic chemicals in cigarette smoke.
These are not the "top ten" most cancerogenic - instead, I choose them based on a combination of the IARC group of each chemical, and how interesting the chemical appeared.
All of the chemicals listed are classified as Group 1 Carcinogenic agents by the IARC. The official definitions of all the groups are listed here in greater detail. 
From the range of group 1 elements, I chose the ones that had some interesting facts or qualities to them - such as polonium, a poison of high toxicity, and one that finds its way into cigarettes by an interesting means - or else are commonly known chemicals, such as arsenic. 
The design is based around the constellation cancer, which I choose to make a amusing wordplay. The central star design is thus built off the shape of the constellation, with the molecular form of the chemicals added in. The entire design was also greatly inspired by futuristic alien or planet monitoring concepts. 

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